How to photograph wedding details

Today I’ll enhance the topic of preparations by a story about what to shoot items, how to photograph wedding details and when.

I always come so that I have time to work calm on shooting details. I start shooting a bride, when makeup and hairstyle are ready. I need minimum of half an hour for shooting of details. You can target at the time of the bride and groom appearance from a hotel and be in place for an hour before it, and better sooner.

I ask in advance to give me everything I need: rings, bride`s bouquet, decorations, dress, shoes,… And while stylists work with the bride, I work with her items.

How to photograph wedding details

I’ll start with wedding rings. Of course, I have tried and tested techniques that I use for shooting, but every wedding is unique, I always want to depart from cliches and make original photos. Dream up, experiment and try to find something on your own.

These shots combine seemingly incompatible things: shoes and wedding rings. In fact, this combination looks quite succinctly, original and discreet.

How to photograph wedding details

I vary apertures depending on how I want to show rings. They take the focus on themselves. Shooting is usually made wide open.

For the next photo, of course, it took a little longer than usual. I tied the rings and dipped them into an aquarium. An assistant can keep the thread. Further, the thread was deleted while processing.

There is another method: an assistant keeps hold a flower, a buttonhole bouquet, a fork or any other suitable object parallel to the ground, then the shot is turned to 90 degrees in the photo editor. This is quite a simple idea, but newlyweds usually really like such photos. You decide, what to use for similar shots. For example, a stylist always has a big arsenal of interesting things that can be useful for shooting. For instance, brushes for makeup.

How to photograph wedding details


How to photograph wedding details. Bouquet

Rings look always great together with a bride`s bouquet. As I said in the previous article, photo series will look stylish and holistically if there are single colors, duplicate items.

Now a little about other important details that should never be missed. First, this is the dress of a bride. Bride`s veil and accessories must be present in photos: jewelry, gloves, shoes, handbag. Good shots can be made with a garter. It is also included in the “required program”. It is not about one or two plots, but rather about a great full-fledged photo shooting. Therefore, try to find out all about objects of a bride`s clothes beforehand to work out correctly the time and prepare for shooting.

How to photograph wedding details

Try to dream up more, look for interesting locations or items for conceptual additions to a shot, use natural light, if it is possible. The use of flash can plainly complicate a shooting. Learn to see natural light and work with it: this will save your time and make images more harmonious.

Sometimes I use creative lenses. For example, Lensbaby. It gives an unusual background blur, the depth of which depends on the chosen aperture. However, I advise you not to get involved in this very optics at an early stage of your career of a wedding photographer. With it, you must do many takes to get a distinct and artistic picture. Usually, you do not have enough time for this.

How to photograph wedding details

Try to keep a unified concept of these shots. Often even the interior can specify the style for the entire shooting. Work over the harmony in shot and avoid eclecticism. The key to success is in a similar style of the main object and its background.

It is not just a simple shooting, but a story, as well as the entire wedding day. Thus, the story should always look holistically. Remember any book with illustrations, where each picture has its own meaning, but at the same time, it is a part of the same composition.

Shooting of accessories is the first chapter of a great wedding book dedicated to one very important day. It must be bright and exciting to set the mood for the entire composition, long enough to accommodate all the moment dear to a bride and unfatiguing for a viewer.


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