How to shoot a Bride’s morning 


Many brides refuse to make getting-ready photos, because of pre-wedding excitement and their fear of facing the camera in a “charmless” way. However, it is important to shoot all the pre-wedding stories and here you can’t do without the morning, which is the beginning of the most significant day in the life of every girl. In this article, we will discuss, how to shoot a bride`s morning, namely, the features of getting ready for shooting and several photo-ideas for atmospheric photos.

What does the morning start with?

How to shoot a Bride’s morning

With a meet for a cup of coffee! Tell the bride about how you can usefully spend the morning, show the samples of creative getting-ready shots, explain that such photoset does not consist of close-up portraits against the background of a wedding dress hanging on a chandelier…

Getting ready gives a girl an opportunity to prepare emotionally for the upcoming celebration, make up her mind for the shooting, get used to the photographer and just to be yourself or a princess.

 How to shoot a Bride’s morning


getting-ready place

Many wedding photographers speak up for the “sterility” of the bride getting- ready place. Only the bride! Without a bridegroom, bridesmaids and relatives. However, the wedding is a family event, where all participants create a warm home atmosphere. Practice shows that the most significant and spectacular events take place in the morning, at the ceremony and during a banquet.

How to shoot a Bride’s morning

Just such events become the key to success in event photography! Take your time and try to feel the mood of others and recapture it through the pictures.

Choosing a getting-ready place, be sure to consider the wishes of a bride, but remember the key point of the room is light and spaciousness, and preferably it should have light-pervious curtains for the variability of lighting. It is perfect, when the preparations, photo session, ceremony of registration and banquet are held in one place.

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios depending on the getting-ready place and concept.

It can be a country house, in which wedding preparations are going swimmingly: guests and relatives put on their dresses and tuxedos; all attention is focused on the bride. It is great opportunity to prove yourself as a photographer! Try to capture the relationship of family and friends through the prism of home life.

How to shoot a Bride’s morning


Awakening on the roof of a skyscraper next to a loved one – isn’t the best morning? This story can become the basis of your shooting. Just plunge into the romantic atmosphere of warm embraces and memories. Here you act as an observer. Only lead the couple from time to time. The very important thing of such shooting is the trust between the models and the photographer that is why you should be acquainted with the people beforehand.

If laughter prolongs life, then bride’s preparations with her bridesmaids will make you 10 years younger!

How to shoot a Bride’s morning

Usually girls know how to pose in front of the camera, but you can always ask them to lace up the bride’s dress, set up the veil or make coffee…


  • Provide at least two or three hours for getting-ready shooting in the total timeline. There is never too much time.
  • Ask the bride to prepare all wedding accessories (including rings) in advance and put them together in one place. This will let you save your time and shoot everything at once.
  • Make friends with the bride’s stylist to make shots with his participation.
  • You will not do without a background music. You can turn on the song chosen for the first dance of the newlyweds.
  • Ask questions and provoke emotions.
  • Make more shots; shoot from different angles, because the girls like to choose photos on which they like themselves more.


How to shoot a Bride’s morning.  DETAILS IN DETAILS

Just imagine how much time was given to trying on a dress, shoes, choosing of accessories, handbags, ribbons, ornaments and even perfume. The task of the photographer is not to miss details, so try to get to the getting-ready place in advance and provide the shooting at least 20 minutes.

You should not shoot everything, but try to imagine how these shots would look in the album. For making accents play around with the background contrast, use the sunlight from the window to place. Try to arrange objects in a natural order: for example, shoes are always on the bottom, earrings or glasses at the top.

How to shoot a Bride’s morning


After years, photos with mom will be the most significant and cherished.

Ask the mother to help the bride with dress, veil or simply give some advices to her beloved daughter. You will see how emotions of two closest and most loved people on earth run high. The bride’s preparations are an excellent opportunity to make classic joint portraits with parents. Be sure to provide extra time (at least 20 minutes) for this in the general timeline of the wedding.

Keep an eye on the children. Their curiosity knows no bounds! Often they get into the focus trying on the bride’s dress or watching the main character.



When the preparations are over, it is perfect time to make some beautiful portraits. It can be classic filling light or side light from the window. I do not pay much attention to portraits during preparations, because brides are often very worried before the ceremony.

The wedding morning came to its end. Now when our bride is ready, the bridegroom will come for her and there is a celebration ahead of them! I want to wish you interesting photos that will inspire you and everyone around you.

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