How to shoot a wedding. Groom’s friends

Imagine, not so long ago they sat at one desk and played football in the yard, and today they celebrate their best friend’s wedding! There is no doubt that groom’s friends add humor, excitement and positive mood to celebration. From this article you will learn how not to miss bright actions with their participation and make creative shots. Just read and learn, how to shoot a wedding: groom`s friends.

How to shoot a wedding. Groom’s friends

Plan your shooting

Meet the newlyweds and tell them about photos that can be made. Choose together with them a spacious and bright getting-ready room, ask the groom about his friends, how long they are friends and what interests they have. This will let you be one-step ahead.

It is perfect if the groom and his friends will get ready together in one place: in a hotel, an apartment or a country house. This will let you make diverse and emotional pictures, create special atmosphere and cheer up everyone.

How to shoot a wedding. Groom’s friends

shooting EQUIPMENT

When there is not enough free space or it is necessary to create the participation effect in shot, I use wide-angle lens. It changes perspective, making objects to appear closer than they really are.

How to shoot a wedding. Groom’s friends

In 90% of the cases, I shoot by manual mode M. This allows me to fully control the process. Be sure that the shutter speed is no longer than 1/125 s. Otherwise you risk to get the blurred image. When people move fast in shot, use the fastest shutter speed – 1/500 second or faster, as well as the AF tracking mode (AF-C), which literally “clings” to the object and always keeps it in focus while moving.

I rarely use flash at weddings. As a result, I can concentrate on finding an interesting story and go unnoticed.

When I was making this shot, I asked the guys to run in my direction. At that moment, I was running back before them and shooting from a low point (at the level of belt). The picture came out dynamic and the wide angle (14 mm) created the volume and depth. I lighted the shot on the running objects and the large windows with bright daylight in the background bleached the background completely. Of course, this could not be done without a manual mode M. Here I set the minimum aperture value of F2.8 and the fixed shutter speed of 1/250 s to minimize the blurring during running. Then I increased the ISO value until people’s faces were highlighted, as I needed them to be.


Unlike girls, boys do not like to pose in front of the camera, so it is important not to rush things. Start with acquaintance, joke (if you know how) and take the time to look around. As a rule, there is a main initiator in each company. This man, by the way, can be the groom himself. Try to influence the situation through him, tell him about your ideas and, perhaps, he will help you to involve everyone in the shooting process.

Try to balance between staging and reporting. Your main task is to maintain the natural atmosphere, in which the best friends will forget about your presence and will give vent to their emotions.

Let it be a staged reportage; in which you only lead the guys, but they make the actions themselves. Ask them to hug the groom, tie his tie, wish him health or just tell some joke. Improvisation is the key to success! Sometimes it will be useful to stand out for a while, watching from the outside. This will allow to shut-in persons to loosen up faster and be themselves.


  • Do not keep silent; try to find common ground from the very beginning.
  • Add dynamics and movements: people look more natural this way.
  • The groom is in the center of events – start making shots from this.
  • Use a bright place near the window as the main stage for action.
  • Be a provocateur, encourage senseless, but spectacular acts.
  • Use background music to create an atmosphere.

By the way, the groom’s friends are created for having fun with the bridesmaids.

How to shoot a wedding. Groom’s friends. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL

Bow ties and ties, mustaches and beards, shoes, handkerchiefs and even socks are attributes that cannot be ignored. After arriving at the getting-ready place, you will have a great opportunity to start your shooting from these details: look for graphics background (walls, magazines, floor), beautiful light (for example, the sun’s rays from the window) or … shoot everything in flight!

The assistant has thrown bow ties for the groom’s friends in shot. This added dynamics and bright spots. For this story, I used the burst mode (to choose the best shot later) and focused on the center point (Single Point AF). This allowed me to keep focus on the guys all the time during the shooting.

Provide enough time to the details. You can shoot them separately and just in the process of getting-ready actions. However, do not get involved too much so as not to miss important moments that will happen around.

Such shots can not only diversify a wedding shooting, but also perfectly fit into the album, adding bright accents.



Yes, yes, it will be about such photos, which can be shot or presented to the grandmother. First, these are classic portraits (where everyone looks in shot): together with friends and separately, photos, on which friends help the groom to fasten the bow tie and others. Perhaps the guys want to make some shot themselves. Do not hesitate to ask them about it.

If you are at the beginning of your career, I recommend you prepare a list of “must do” shots, of which you will go off during the shooting. For example, “friends throw the groom up”, “everyone looks into the camera”, “guys are jumping”, etc. You can later improvise on the spot.

In addition, you can also download to the phone examples of the shots that you would like to reproduce. Even in the process of reproduction something new is born, something of your own!


Who said that the bride come together with her bridesmaids? The friends of the groom may be in their place!

Try to sit down or climb a chair: you will be surprised how the camera angle and the perception of a picture will change. Use reflections.

Keep your eyes on the groom’s friends during the banquet. They often blow up the celebration with their emotions and inspire others with positive. Do not be too close, but not too far away to miss anything.

In some cases, I use the Nikon 16mm f / 2.8D AF Fisheye-Nikkor. It can help you to make ultra-wide spherical shots and fit a large group of people in one shot, or, conversely, convey the size of the event.


No matter how you decide to shoot the groom’s friends, remember the main thing – a wedding is not a field for experiments. Therefore, you should find a balance between compulsory classical portraits and a crazy creative performance. Over time, you will learn how to feel the atmosphere and mood of the people around you, and you can easily select successful moments for shooting. I wish everyone creative successes!



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